Where I've Been The Past Few Weeks

Greetings Yoga Friends,

I am writing to check in with all of you and to explain the reason for my absence these last few weeks. My apologies for not clearly communicating to you sooner where I've been.  On Oct. 21 I was in a car accident and it took a couple days for me to realize that my symptoms were indicative of a concussion. My doctor ordered me to take time off work and not to engage with technology, among other things. I am really grateful for all of the subs who covered my classes with little notice and the well wishes I received from students. I have begun to feel a bit more like myself, though the recovery from a concussion can take some time.

I will start to teach classes again this coming Monday but it is still important for me to take it slowly. As I return to classes, I appreciate your understanding that my brain is still healing. While I've had these weeks away from teaching and enjoyed meeting new care providers, cooking more and really, truly resting, I've missed seeing you all in class! I am really looking forward to practicing with you all again and I'd love to have you join me both in class and at my upcoming workshops.  I am still pinning down which classes I will be returning to this coming week. If you would like to be notified please let me know. Below you will find information about the upcoming offerings that I am excited to share with you all!

With love,