New DAYA Foundation Classes Begin Today!

Below is my introduction letter featured in the most recent DAYA Foundation newsletter! I am very excited and at the same time humbled to begin teaching amrita level 1 and 2/3 classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings. I would love to share practice with you starting tonight! Monday, May 5th! 

Meet Megan!

My initial introduction to yoga was from a pleading friend who wanted me to "just give it a try". I was absolutely not interested, as it seemed to me to be such a boring, slow-moving activity. After one class I was amazed, intrigued and knew that one day I would teach yoga.  

 The journey of my yoga practice took many shapes and styles. I explored a "home practice" while I traveled, YMCA classes, heated classes, active and introspective practices. I was led to the DAYA Foundation after a post-yoga chat with a student. Upon expressing my desire to study yoga therapy, she enthusiastically recommended that I contact Sarahjoy. One class at the DAYA Foundation and I had found the components of my yoga practice that I had been looking for: mindfully-based movement, space for introspection, and a felt sense of community. I'm filled with joy and reverence at the opportunity to share yoga at the DAYA Foundation. 

In the past year and a half I have studied with Sarahjoy and many other inspiring teachers working toward a 500-hour Yoga Therapy certification. This training has transformed me profoundly. I've grown in my teaching by focusing on cultivating awareness for life's subtleties and in my understanding of experiencing yoga in the "outside world"- by surrendering to what is and the continual practice of welcoming people and situations as they are. 

I very much look forward to meeting new students in my Amrita level 1 and 2-3 classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings, as well as being a part of the greater DAYA community and mission.




To read more about the amrita classes at the DAYA Foundation click on this link: