I have been taking yoga for 30 years, in the U.S. and Asia. Megan is the best teacher I have experienced. It's obvious she has a solid base in yoga, anatomy and physiology, but she is also uniquely gifted in her presentation and skills. She is a gifted teacher, understanding the physical and emotional needs of her students. She is positive, happy, deliberate, calm and intuitive, a rare mix. Best yoga class I ever took. This workshop and preceding classes have advanced my practice immensely. I look forward to taking more classes with Megan.  -Steve G.

I have been lucky enough to experience much of Megan’s teaching evolution. She has developed a holistic understanding of Yoga’s principles that she passes along to her students. Megan creates a light, fun environment in her classes that is accepting of all skill levels and comfort zones, allowing students to tailor their practice. She offers a safe space to share any physical or emotional concerns you may have and provides compassionate advice on how to address them. Megan is one of my favorite teachers and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to explore Yoga in it’s many forms.  -Natalie C.

Megan is a kind and caring person who is in touch with the needs of her students. She has a wealth of knowledge to share and really enjoys helping me grow in this practice. Thank you for everything you bring to class to share. Your quotes and words of wisdom always seem to be spot on for my needs.  -Karen W.

I've been attending the Restorative Yoga class with Megan Peterson. Not knowing what to expect I listened to Megan, but more importantly she listened to me. We're targeting specific areas and my body is responding with more flexibility and strength. I feel it's not just restorative, as I also feel rested and rejuvenated after my class. I'm learning stretches and postures to take me through my day and keep my body healthy and aligned. -Janet B.

Megan is amazing- another level of knowledge-ability and individual attention. So glad to start my day with her intentional practice.           -Anonymous

Megan is a wonderful instructor who has a gifted eye for alignment and explaining concepts in ways that are applicable and approachable to all. Her style is warm and inviting!  -Anonymous

I loved Megan's yin class today. We are visiting from California but wish we could come again. Thanks also for suggesting different poses (since I'm pregnant).  -Anonymous