Birth Doula & Yoga Therapeutics


♥ A free consultation to learn about each other to see if we are a good team

♥ 2 prenatal visits- to learn about your options and desires for your birth, to practice pain-coping and massage techniques, labor positions and preparing mind, body and spirit for becoming parents

♥ Three prenatal yoga therapy session- for awareness and integration as you and baby grow and as preparation for birth

♥ Access to Brave Birth Parenting Circles

♥ My references for local caregivers for any pregnancy and postpartum needs, as well as access to borrow my books on pregnancy and yoga.

♥ 24 Hour on-call support for two weeks before and after your due date

♥ Phone and email support throughout your pregnancy

♥ Labor support when you need me until 1-2 hours after your baby is born

♥ Pictures during labor, delivery and of your new family, if desired

♥ Postpartum visit at home to check in, talk about your birth journey and postpartum care suggestions

♥ Three postpartum yoga therapy session- once approved by your care provider we will work with reconnecting to the pelvic floor and core muscles as well as learn postures to support the body of a new parent